Game Room Diary #3 – Waiting Game

While the game room is coming together faster than first expected, I’ve also found myself just waiting around for a bit. During the past couple of weeks I built some more flatpack (from IKEA), and then prepared the room for an exciting sofa delivery…

The new IKEA item is a FJÄLLBO Shelving Unit that I’m hoping the repurpose as a TV Unit -if wall mounting isn’t an option. This’ll give the TV a heighten position, which’ll pair well with the upcoming couch, whether it ends up mounted or not. I really like the idea of have two shelves below the TV for active consoles plus the concealed storage below, however, the grated design of FJÄLLBO’s cupboards would let you place consoles inside and negate any overheating issues.

Like every bit of flatpack I get my hands on, it took more than twice as long as suggested because of my arrogant steamrolling through instructions… Followed by attempting to undo my mistakes at double speed which somehow just takes even longer.

But now FJÄLLBO is in, I’m at a stop gap. I can’t paint the room or put up shelves while the new house we’ve moved into ‘settles’, as cracks in the walls would just mean having to redo those jobs. So until the sofa is in (about a mont from now) I’m just twiddling my thumbs for a while.

I’ve cleared room for the bit chair to be delivered. Wow. Exciting stuff. I really can’t wait for it to come as once we have that we’ll actually be able to play games and film videos in there. Regardless, I am already thinking about what colour the walls could eventually be.


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