Game Room Diary #2 – Functional Flatpack

Slow progress continues in the Game Room. Curtain pole went up this weekend, although the curtains we ordered… were the wrong size. Still, it’s fun to drill holes in things, even if you end up making a few mistakes.

More excitingly, the first piece of real furniture arrived. It’s what’s called a Modena Double Lifting Coffee Table, from Dunelm … meaning it’s a table with a lid for storage. Lucy cleared the room for us to build it, but the approximated construction time turned from two hours into almost four when I fitted the opening compartments incorrectly, twice.

We don’t love flatpack, but getting it done is always satisfying and this table is a really strong statement piece. The opening panels, which raise up to about lap height, are sturdy enough to support an arcade stick or some snacks; Meaning you can sit comfortably on the forthcoming couch and bring items closer to you while you play instead of sitting up to reach over to the table. Bliss. And that’s beside the quite surprising storage space inside. I was impressed to find it could house a Real Arcade Stick Pro V with room to spare! I expect anything that needs to be within arms length could be stored here, easily.

It’ll be a little longer before we see curtains up and more furniture built, but the room already feels like it has a lot of character and purpose, all thanks to this table. It’ll be around a year before everything is complete, but we could be gaming in here sooner than expected…


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