Game Room Diary #1 – Moving & Modding

Finally, my now fiancée and I have a house we can call our own. And, as an added privilege, I was allowed to snag the spare downstairs room from a would be office or dining room and turn it into a game room! … Which of course, will be come to new home of any Fossil Arcade content in the future.

At the moment, this is still the emptiest of empty rooms, but I’ve decided to keep a little log of its progress on (and the website auto renewed without me realising). I’ve already planned out what kind of furniture I want to see here and dragged Alex to sit on some potential recliners… But most of all, I want to put my own stamp on what a game room can be.

I love seeing floor to ceiling game shelves, neon lights and ex-store displays repurposed as home museums in other people’s game room instagram posts (etc.), but that isn’t for me personally. Everything will be planned around making whatever is being played the centre of attention, with more relaxing tones and (somewhat) understated decorating. I won’t promise to not buy a lava lamp, but if I do, it’ll be totally feng shui… A few months from now, I hope to have a really special space for my friends and family to enjoy, and something that’ll enhance our video content too!

While furniture remains on order and decorating has to wait for the building to settle, I’ve already started on the game room by re-modding my Spice Orange Gamecube, taking it from a Region Free Xeno Cube to a disc-less GC Loader. This mod replaces the mini-DVD drive with a PnP which loads game ISOs directly from an SD card with the help of Swiss (homebrew software).

This tiny Pnp is the start of my super sleek and chilled out game room.

You can find out more about it here, but by taking my entire physical collection and digitising it, I can save a ton of time playing and an epic amount of wall space in future. I highly recommend checking out this video by Half-Circle Forward if you want to try installing your own.

So, not much to report right now, but it won’t be long before the game room takes shape.


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